Vision & Mission

We started Soundsuit with a vision: to make music in businesses easier, smarter and more beautiful than ever before.

Today using both human expertise and breakthrough technologies, Soundsuit connects and engages people in businesses with an unexcelled music atmosphere.

When you visit a fashion store, a restaurant, or a gym, and feel comfortable and happy because of the music, you may in fact listen to Soundsuit!

Short history

Soundsuit - as a company - was officially born few weeks after that Soundsuit's business plan was primed at the Bavarian Startup Awards.

Our software was designed and developed over one year, together with potential customers at the heart of the quarter of Haidhausen, in Munich, Germany. Renown for its density and quality of venues, cafés, restaurants, fashion and interior design stores, it was the ideal place for Soundsuit's team to test their ideas and mature their concept. Face to face with small business owners, learning from them and adjusting to meet their needs.

From this participative experience was born the Soundsuit's software. Easy-to-use, beautiful and intelligent.


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How to contact us

Phone: +49 (0)89 215 43191

Email: hello@soundsuit.fm

Or simply use the contact form.