Soundsuit's digital assistant relieves you of the music hassle. It creates automatically the perfect playlist for your Store · Restaurant · Hotel · Cafe · Salon · Gym · Office · Event

Build your perfect playlist in seconds.

Using our Smart Assistant, you can easily create the perfect playlist for your business in few clicks.

Absolutely no music skills required!

Soundsuit creates a tailored playlist for your store and customers based on your business inputs, not on your music skills. Simply set your business type, your market positioning, your customer target group and your mood preferences, and press play. In-store music for small and mid-size businesses has never been so easy.

Play on your existing store’s sound system.

A laptop or tablet is all you need. No hardware necessary! Play songs right over Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or simply plug in your Hi-Fi using a stereo cable. If you own wireless speakers like Sonos or Chromecast-Audio compatible ones, stream Soundsuit music in one click.

Sonos | Apple | Yamaha | Teufel | Bose | Google | Ikea Symfonisk | B&O | JBL | Sony | usw.

Smart technology. Truly effortless for you.

Soundsuit relieves you and your employees of the music hassle. You get peace of mind that the right tunes are playing – at every business location.


Set your
business profile

Easily select your business type, your target group, and the music atmosphere that you want to set in your establishment.


You listen.
We learn.

Each time you like or skip a song, or adjust the mood, Soundsuit learns more about your preferences and refines your personal music library.


tailored music

Based on your settings, history and personal library, Soundsuit plays the right songs at the right time of the day. With a new mix of songs daily.

Play fair. Music licensed for commercial use.

Unlike end-user streaming offerings, such as Spotify or Apple Music, Soundsuit is licensed as a B2B music service for commercial use, e.g. in retail, fitness, or hospitality sectors. Play legally background music playlists in your shop, store, restaurant, café, bar, hotel, gym, spa or office using Soundsuit: a service licensed by PRS in the UK, GEMA in Germany, SACEM in France, etc.

Stay current. Engage customers.

65% of in-store customers want to hear music that they know or identify as high artistic quality. 64% of customers find unfamiliar or lower quality songs, such as non PRS licensed music, annoying and non-engaging. At Soundsuit we only play copyrighted, recognised and highly-qualitative titles to truly inspire and engage your customers! Our curated selection of newly released songs smartly tailors to your business. Fresh new tracks are added daily.

The right in-store music pays off.

The right music atmosphere puts your customers in the right mood, and increases your sales. Soundsuit plays the right titles – for the targeted customer group – at the right time of day. Background music for businesses is now smart, and finally efficient!


of sales increase in stores, due to background music, when music is tailored to customers.


of customers say that music atmosphere influences their purchase decisions. Positively or negatively.


of store employees demonstrate higher motivation when the right in-store music is being played.

Based on studies by Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden), University of Texas (USA), SACEM (France) and Mac Gill University (Canada)

Our customer success stories

Jens Fay

Design Store Owner, BoConcept, Frankfurt

“ I’m very happy with Soundsuit’s music streaming offer and customer service. Soundsuit provides premium music that perfectly fits my store and customer target group. And the app is really easy to use for my employees. ”

Ralf Binder

Café & Concert Venue Director, Muffatwerk, Munich

“ As a former DJ, I am fascinated by the intelligence developed by Soundsuit's technology. To know when to play which song - in a dynamic environment like a café or a store - is a real art. ”

Tim Mälzer & Team

Restaurant owner, Überland, Braunschweig, Germany

“ We invested quite some time to find a modern streaming solution. For our premium restaurant, we wanted a trendy while decent and discreet music playlist. Today we are very happy to have opted for Soundsuit. ”

Michaela Pothmann

Executive Retail Adviser, BoConcept, Germany-Austria-Switzerland region

“ The selection and scheduling of the right music in our stores strongly contribute to the comfort and engagement of our customers. Music atmosphere is a strategic success-factor for BoConcept. This is why we value so much the Soundsuit solution. ”

Maya Lawah

Gym owner, FräuleinFIT, Essen

“ My customers often congratulate me and my team for the motivating music atmosphere in our gym. They should in fact congratulate Soundsuit! ”

Buy yourself peace of mind.


per month and location, without VAT

Intelligent mood scheduling
Legal for commercial use
Music selected by experts
Playlist tailored to your establishment
Intuitive and easy to use

Designed for all businesses. Tailored to your store.

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In-store music reinvented. Now easy, legal, and smart.